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How to apply to lift an imposed ban?

The countries can apply to lift the imposed ban through the diplomatic channels through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through the Saudi Embassy in the concerned countries or through the regulatory authority authorized by SFDA in these countries.

How to register in the Standards Web Store?

The registration instructions can be found through the user manual guide:


Where can I find the SFDA’s technical regulation and standards?

Technical regulations and standard specifications can be obtained through the standard web store:

Is it required to provide a certificate of analysis with the products imported to Saudi Arabia?

All products subject to the supervision of the SFDA, according to their classification have clearance requirements, as well as conditions of transportation and storage. All of the requirements are published in the SFDA’s website.

Is it necessary to issue an accreditation certificate for an external facility?


How products are classified?


- products are classified through an electronic platform:

- To create an account in product classification system (PCS):

- To submit a new application:

- To appeal on the classification decision: 


What is the fee for the inspection of external establishments and how to pay the bills?

The establishment shall pay the fees based on what is mentioned on the process of approving through the following link:

How to obtain the results of a technical visit to an external monitoring facility or authority?

Kindly check the link below:

What is the period required to correct the irregularities of external facilities?

Kindly check the link below:

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