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Recall all batches of LAGEVRIO


Product Description :


الاسم التجاري

الاسم العلمي

رقم التسجيل

رقم التشغيلة المتأثرة

الشركة الصانعة

Trade Name

Scientific Name

Register Number

Affected batch number





جميع التشغيلات

Patheon Pharmaceuticals Inc

Issue :

Saudi FDA issued Recall and suspend the registration of LAGEVRIO product, until provides scientific evidence by company that prove the expected benefits of using the product outweigh the potential risks.

Recommendations :

For healthcare professionals, Stop dispensing the above product immediately. Embargo/Quarantine all remaining stock. Affected product should be returned to the supplier.

for patients

  • Consult your healthcare provider prior to discontinuing use of the affected product, or for any health concerns.
  • Contact the recalling firm or Saudi FDA if you have any questions about the recall.
  • Adverse reactions or quality problems experienced with the use of this product may be reported to Saudi Vigilance either online or call center (Call 19999).

Recall all batches of LAGEVRIO