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Natural Cosmetic Labs USA Inc

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) warned against two straightening products contain high levels of "Formaldehyde".


SFDA has explained that it collected and examined samples of hair straightening products from the local markets to ensure their safety.
Examination results revealed that the mentioned products contain high levels of "Formaldehyde", which exceeded allowable limits according to the safety requirements of cosmetics and personal care products regulations NO. SFDA.CO/GSO 1943:2016.
Noting, exposure to high levels of lead can cause health risks to the consumer.
The first product is “RICHEE PROFESSIONAL SMOOTHING THERAPY REDUCER FLUID ARGAN E OJON 2”, which produced in Brazil with expiry date 04/06/2022.
The second product is “JUDY PROTEIN & SILK HAIR THERAPY SYSTEM", which produced in USA with batch number (GUD0206) and expiry date 02/2022, batch number (J181105) and expiry date 12/2021.
The authority advises consumers to avoid using the two products and dispose any sample they may have, stressing the importance of buying products from reliable sources that could be traced.
SFDA has taken the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the recall of product from the markets, ban their entry to the Kingdom and take the formal steps against non-compliances.

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