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“SFDA” Warns of “Amana” Bottled Water, Size (4 Gallons)


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) has warned about consuming “Amana” bottled water (4 gallons), produced by Amana Bottled Water Factory, Riyadh, because it exceeded the allowable limit of bromate substance.
The Authority has explained that it examined samples of bottled drinking water, locally produced during the past period, from several batches of different production dates and sizes, to determine its compliance to the GSO standard No. (1025/2014- Bottled drinking water), which specified the maximum allowed limit of Bromate at (10ppm).
Examination results of Amana water samples, size “4 gallons” revealed that it exceeded the maximum allowed limits referred to above. 
It advised consumers not to use the product and dispose any sample they may have.
The SFDA pointed out that it was taking the necessary actions to force the company to recall its product from the local market and stop production until they comply with the maximum allowed limits of Bromate.
The SFDA will continue to monitor bottled water plants and products in the local market, and take the necessary actions against non-compliances.
Bromide is naturally found in water, and as a result of water exposure to sterilization and Ozone treatment, bromide converts to bromates.
Many studies have proven that bromate has negative effects on health. Therefore, the regulatory authorities have quantified the portions of this substance in water, in order to ensure its safety.

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