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The SFDA insuring the safety of pharmaceutical and cosmetic Product for human and veterinary use by establishing clearance units in the ports of entry throughout the kingdom for inspecting shipments, which are under the supervision of the drug sector at SFDA. In addition, Ports department issues the import license to unregistered products in the central import unit. All requirements and conditions are based on the pharmaceutical facilities and products guideline that issued by the Royale act.31 on the date of 1/6/1425. For inquiries regarding import Licenses, you can contact the Import Section on the ext. (5304) or the e-mail


  • Import and Clearance Circulars.
  • Import and Clearance Forms.
  • Import and Clearance Requirements, Regulation and Guidelines.
  • Importing, Batch-Release and Clearance System (IBRCS).

Name البريد الإلكتروني Phone No Ext

Head Quarter 0112038222 5315

King Khaled International Airport 0112038222 4993

Riyadh Dry Port 0112038222 4866

King Abdulaziz International Airport 0112038222 4386

Jeddah Islamic 0112038222 4324

King Abdullah Seaport 0112038222 4345

King Abdulaziz Seaport 0138576555 242

King Fahad International Airport 0112038222 4692

King Fahad Causeway 0544978528 -----

Hadithah Port 0146580809 -----

Batha Port 0112038222 4679

Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport 0148420000 2793

Central Post Office Jeddah 0126279107 -----