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The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) was established on 07/01/1424 AH, under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (1), as an independent regulative and legislative body with its own entity that is entrusted with all procedural, executive and supervisory tasks that aim to "ensure the safety of food" and protect consumers’ health through the application of several control systems, programs, policies and effective measures. SFDA through the Executive Department of Monitoring and Risk Assessment (EDMRA) in the food sector, is assessing chemical and microbial hazards related to food by reviewing data and scientific evidence available locally, regionally and internationally in order to support the decision-making process with scientific opinions.


This page is intended to request scientific data (i.e. scientific studies and research) related to food safety due to the importance of data in the scientific assessment conducted by the SFDA in the food safety field.

The objective:

  • Collect scientific data and information related to chemical and microbial hazards associated with food in order to support the SFDA efforts to ensure food safety and protecting the consumers’ health.

  • An opportunity to share scientific reports and studies (published or unpublished) related to food safety.

  • Sharing scientific reports and studies with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to contribute in developing food safety in Saudi Arabia.

  • Communicating with bodies interested in food safety.

Targeted Entities:

  • Related government bodies

  • Universities and related government and private research centers.

  • Government and private hospitals.

  • Food facilities and companies.

SFDA invites any interested expert or specialist to share data and information related to the scientific topics mentioned by filling in the fields below and submitting the related files:

Personal Information

Phone number / mobile

Research Information


I agree to share scientific data with SFDA to be used for official purposes related to scientific assessment that it conducts to ensure food safety and consumers’ health in Saudi Arabia.
هذا السؤال هو لاختبار ما إذا كنت زائرًا بشريًا أم لا ولمنع إرسال الرسائل غير المرغوب فيها تلقائيًا.