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Contact lenses


Medical Device Description:
It is a transparent plastic material that is placed directly on the cornea of the eye for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.
There are several types of contact lenses. In general, it can be categorized into two main categories: 
1. Soft; including:
• Temporary: worn for a specific period of time; daily, weekly or monthly.
• Permeant: worn for a long period of time; one to two years.
2. Rigid gas permeable (RGP): it allow oxygen to pass through to the eyes. It is used to correct most vision problems.

Instructions when purchasing the Medical Device
1. Ensuring that the store is licensed by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). 
2. Ensuring that the contact lenses and solution has marketing authorization from Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
3. Ensuring to have an invoice. 
4. All contact lenses require a valid prescription.
5. It is necessary to have a visual acuity testing by an optometrist or a specialist before purchasing and using contact lenses and ensure that the prescription given matches the selected lenses.
6. Before purchasing contact lenses, be sure to browse the options available at the store and their solutions. Learn how to use them, and be sure to choose the quality that matches your needs and according to the physicians’ or specialist’s instructions.
7. Make sure the contact lenses and solution are not expired.    


To report problems related to medical devices, please visit the website of the National Center for Medical Devices Reporting: 
Or contact us through the number 19999