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Medical Device Description
Wheelchairs are assistive medical devices used to promote mobility for individuals who are unable to walk due to illness, injury, or disability. 

Most common wheelchairs types:
• Manual wheelchair
• Electric wheelchair

Instructions when purchasing the Medical Device
1. Many types and specifications are available in the markets, a doctor or health practitioner should be consulted about the quality of the Wheelchairs suitable for the condition.
2. Make sure that the device has marketing authorization from Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
3. Make sure that there is a warranty on the Wheelchairs, and that after-sales services such as maintenance.
4. Make sure you have the instruction booklet in Arabic/English to learn how to use and care for the Wheelchairs.
5. Wheelchairs shall be suitable to the patient’s size and weight, in which:
6. Wheelchair size, pillow type, adjustment options and comfortable factors in the wheelchair.
7. Provide a suitable pillow with wheelchair to reduce the incidence of chair sitting sores.    

The Safe Use of the Medical Device
 • Ensure the safety of the main parts (such as wheels and brakes)
• Ensure that the chair size is appropriate for the patient's size and weight.
• Ensure that the brakes are tightly closed when stopping or seating the patient.    



To Report a problem with your Medical  Device
    To report problems related to medical devices, please visit the website of the National Center for Medical Devices Reporting: 
Or contact us through the number 19999