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Registration committee of pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and their products

In accordance with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority law issued by Royal decree (م / 6) on 25/1/1425H, and its implemented regulation issued by the authority’s board of directors number 7-7-1428 on 25/7/1429H which include the minister’s decision to create registration committees to register pharmaceutical factories and their products. The committee carries the following tasks:

    1. Approval of pharmaceutical companies and their products along with the pricing of the company’s products and determining how to be dispensed.
    2. Evaluate the appeals regarding the new products registration and make the necessary decision.
    3. Evaluate and implement the global pharmaceutical developments and take necessary actions regarding the pharmaceutical cautions and adverse reactions.
    4. Updating the registration rules of pharmaceutical product’s.
    5. Suspend, withdrawal or cessation the registered product.
    6. Study the topics referred from Drug sector