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OIC's National Medicines Regulatory Authorities Meeting Reviews Saudi Response to COVID-19


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) reviewed its role in addressing the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and its effectiveness during the pandemic, and the tasks entrusted to it in combating epidemics.

This came during SFDA's participation in the 2nd Meeting of the Heads of National Medicine Regulatory Authorities (NMRAs) of the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, (OIC). The Meeting was held in the Republic of Turkey in the capital, Istanbul, from 5 to 7 September 2022.

The meeting aimed to strengthen the existing cooperation between the national medicines regulatory authorities to develop their regulatory capabilities, and to exchange views, experiences and best practices on the role of these authorities in combating COVID-19 and other potential epidemics.

During the meeting, participants discussed appropriate strategies to accelerate self-reliance in the production and access to quality, safe, and effective medicines and vaccines.

As part of its participation in the meeting, SFDA reviewed its role in combating epidemics by reviewing the national response of all institutions and ministries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the pandemic, its effectiveness during the crisis, and its experience in confronting COVID-19.  SFDA also highlighted its role and efforts to establish scientific teams and hold continuous meetings to share daily reports and communicate with companies to address challenges.

The participation also focused on shedding light on SFDA’s role in provision of food, medicine, devices and medical products to citizens and residents throughout the pandemic period by a series of operations that were carried out such as monitoring risks, awareness campaigns for the public, expediting approvals, inspections, etc.

SFDA also reviewed its contributions in providing support to the international community through exchanging experiences and providing consultations, and confirming the continuity of preparation for any pandemic in the future.