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Local Scientific Advisory Board


    The local scientific advisory board was established by the National Nutrition Committee to improve the nutritional and health statues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and build a healthy society in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 by contributing to:

  • Support the committee's work to carry out the tasks entrusted to it.
  • Provide recommendations and scientific opinions to the relevant authorities.
  • Carry out the necessary studies and research.
  • The board consists of seven nutrition experts from Saudi universities and research centers.
  • The board has six scientific research teams that include a number of local experts in the field of nutrition and sciences from local and international universities, research centers, government agencies, and health facilities.
Local scientific advisory Board teams included:
  • Team of nutritional status assessment.
  • Team of determining the reference values of nutrient.
  • Team of evaluating food content of nutrients.
  • Team of recommendations and scientific opinions.
  • Team of nutritional Policies.
  • Team of nutritional awareness.

International Scientific Advisory Board


    The International Scientific Advisory Board is an Advisory board consisting of international experts in nutrition field, set to give strategic advice, make recommendations and support the strategic directions and operations of the NNC in planning, implementing and using scientific information in managing nutrition and related health issues.

    The scope of the Board encompasses all nutritional topics within the purview of the NNC and SFDA, included but not limited to:

  • Providing strategic advice on the NNC directions, operations, planning, and implementing and using scientific information.
  • Providing scientific advice to the NNC in related fields.
  • Scientific support for key nutrition decisions.
  • Study the issues and files related to the NNC, and submit related reports.
  • Providing independent scientific advice to the NNC.
  • Providing technical advice in the field of nutrition according to the scientific framework approved by the NNC.