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"SFDA," Warns from plastic and glass containers in the form of lamps which is not suitable for food use


 SFDA stressed for the importance of consumer's attention when buying plastic and glass containers because some of them are unsuitable for food use.
SFDA explained in a statement, that it noted some plastic and glass containers in lamps form, sold in the markets and used for storing food, and it became clear from the results of tests conducted by SFDA that these containers are not suitable for food use, as some of them is not in conformity with the regulations and standards in Arabia / Gulf, in addition to the poor metal lids that can rust easily, and can be transmitted to the food.
SFDA advised the consumers against the use of such containers in saving or eating food, and to make sure that the plastic bottles are for food use.
SFDA also stressed that packaging materials is for the intended purposes only, in order to avoid any damage to consumer health, and to read the information that came with the product, such as the purpose of use and warnings, if any.

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