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“SFDA” Warns against Using two Batches of Rozana Antiseptic Spray and Rozana Antiseptic Gel


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) warned consumers to stop using two batch of Rozana Antiseptic Spray and Rozana Antiseptic Gel, produced by SN KIMYA factory for containing less than the allowable limits of Isopropyl alcohol.

The SFDA has explained that it collected and examined samples of hand sanitizer products from the local markets to ensure their safety and compliance with the technical specifications.

Examination results revealed that Rozana Antiseptic Spray (batch number 101280) and Rozana Antiseptic Gel (batch number 101279) contain less than allowable limits of Isopropanol, which resulting in poor effectiveness of the product.

The Authority advises consumers to stop using the two batch numbers, return it to the sales outlet where they had purchased it from and get a refund.

In case if the seller refuses to refund the amount paid, please contact the Consumer Complaints Center (1900) for Ministry of Commerce.

The SFDA has taken the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the recall of the two product from the markets, ban their entry to the Kingdom and take the formal steps against non-compliances.

The SFDA called on consumers to report any side effect or any defect in the product’s quality by SFDA call center 19999.

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  • Call Centre 19999

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