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“SFDA” Warns Against 5 Henna Products


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) issued a warning against 5 Henna Products as it contains high bacteria and fungi levels.

The SFDA has explained that it collected and examined samples of henna products from the local markets to ensure its safety.

Examination results revealed that 5 henna products contained high levels of bacteria and fungi, which exceeded the acceptable limits according to the safety requirements of cosmetics and personal care products regulations NO. SFDA.CO/GSO 1943:2016.

Products details are as follow:  

  • “Henna Almarasim” with production date 01/07/2018 and expiry date  30/ 06 / 2023.
  • “Alkatem brown henna” with batch NO. (234), production date 06/2020 and expiry date 05/2023.
  • “Henna Altaj Almomtaza” with batch NO. (DXJ05) and production date 08/2017
  • “AL DAMAR FAMOUS HINNA”, products information are not listed on product label according to the labelling requirements.
  • "Whats App Henna", products information are not listed on product label according to the labelling requirements.


The SFDA indicated that bacteria and fungi are present in cosmetic products for several reasons, including failure to follow the principles of good manufacturing during the stages of product manufacturing and packaging, or because the product is stored in inappropriate conditions and environment.

Contamination of cosmetic products with bacteria and fungi is not allowed unless it is harmless bacteria in a percentage not exceeding the permissible limit.

Exposure to high levels of bacteria and fungi may lead to health risks to the consumer.

The SFDA advises consumers to avoid using the mentioned products and dispose any sample they may have, emphasizing the importance of purchasing products from reliable sources.

The SFDA has taken the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the recall of products from the markets, and take the formal steps against violators.

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