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“SFDA” Warns Against 3 Spices due to Illegal Use of Banned Dyes


The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) issued a warning against 3 spices as it contains (Sudan I) dyes, which is banned to be used in food products for the possibility of health risks to the consumer.

The SFDA clarified the products details as follow

  • Red Chili Powder offered by (Maa) with all weights, patches and expiry dates. 
  • Othman Spices & Red Chili Powder manufactured by Raowed Alaseel with all weights, patches and expiry dates.

The Authority indicated that (Sudan I) dyes are food coloring that imparts red color when it is added to food and not allowed to be added to food products due to potential risk to consumer’s health.

The SFDA advises consumers to avoid using the mentioned products and dispose any sample they may have.

The SFDA has taken the necessary actions in cooperation with specialized authorities in order to follow up the recall of products from the markets, and take the formal steps against non-compliances.

  • To report sector-related issues

  • Call Centre 19999

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