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The Saudi Food and Drug Authority and Indonesian Food and Drug Authority, Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to Strengthen the Control of Food and Drug


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority signed with its Indonesian counterpart today (Thursday) 23 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441 AH corresponding to August 13, 2020 CE, a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening control over the quality and safety of medicinal products, including vaccines, biological products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and processed foods

The SFDA was represented by His Excellency the chief executive Authority, Dr. Hisham bin Saad Aljadhey and from the Indonesian side  Her Excellency the President of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Benny Ki Lokito.

The MoU states the exchange of information and experiences in the field of food safety and control, and in the regulations, standards and rules related to inspection applied in both countries, in addition to information related to standards, rules and regulations for evaluating the effectiveness, quality and safety of medicinal products before and after marketing.

The MoU includes further coordination to enhance capacity in food inspection tests, the food import certification system, conducting laboratory tests, and providing notifications on information regarding food products.

The agreement includes developing technical cooperation programmes on inspections to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), pharmacological evaluation, and other capacity building programmes, and inspecting vocational centers and bioequivalence centers, in addition to exchange of information and knowledge in the analysis and releasing of vaccines.

According to the MOU, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority will work to ease of access for Indonesian pharmaceutical and food products to Saudi Arabia for Indonesian Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims after fulfilling of terms and conditions for clearing products by Indonesian Hajj and Umrah campaigns.

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