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SFDA Organizes Symposium to Educate Athletes about Danger of Doping in Sports


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) organized a joint symposium entitled "Safe Sport and a Responsible Coach" with the participation of the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Doping Control Committee. The seminar was held at the authority's headquarters in Riyadh and inaugurated by the Vice President for Drug Sector, Dr. Adel Al-Harf.

For his part, the coach of the Saudi national taekwondo team, Fahd Al-Duwaisan, stressed the role of the coach in guiding the player, correcting his mistakes, raising his awareness and spreading the right habits and culture for the trainees.

The Director of the Regulated Products Department at SFDA, Suleiman Al-Braikan, pointed to the danger of misusing pharmaceutical preparations, whether they are narcotic, controlled, prescription or nonprescription preparations. The misuse of these preparations causes psychological and physical addiction, a disturbance in the hormonal balance, and a cause of transmitting diseases in addition to legal accountability, criminalization and penalties.

The Scientific Evaluation and Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist at SFDA, Anas Al-Wardi, explained that the nutrition for athletes has become an important aspect for the player, coach, nutritionist and others interested, as the athlete needs sufficient amounts of energy and additional fluids to compensate for the fluid loss resulting from the sweating process, and to increase activity and physical performance.

The Head of the Observers Committee of the National Anti-Doping Committee, Mohammed Al-Bahlal, concluded by defining doping as it is every substance or drug that enters the body in unusual quantities for the purpose of increasing physical efficiency to obtain a higher sporting achievement by illegal means and causes health damage when continuing to use it.

The symposium comes within an agreement to activate the awareness aspect of the danger of misuse of pharmaceuticals in the field of sports, the responsibility of the coach and the International Anti-Doping Regulations and the list of prohibited items and their classification.