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SFDA Concludes its Participation in World Health Exhibition 2022


Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) concluded its participation in the World Health Exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Health at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center during the period 9-11 October under the slogan "Transformation in the Health Sector".

In its participation, SFDA aims to inform visitors and investors of its most prominent initiatives and programs that encourage investment in the sectors it supervises and enhance the role of the private sector. Among these initiatives are the initiative to develop pricing rules, the initiative to diversify sources, the drug security initiative, and the initiative for unregistered products.

Among the services SFDA provided is the launch of a special track for innovative medical devices and supplies, allocating a technical support team for each factory to respond immediately to all inquiries and clarify the supervisory and regulatory requirements. The team will also provide workshops periodically for facilities and factories to review and discuss the requirements and procedures for medical devices and supplies, including pre and post-marketing stages. The team will carry out orientation visits to a number of factories to explain the requirements and procedures for obtaining a marketing authorization certificate.

In its pavilion, the SFDA reviewed the features and services of "Tammini" application, in which you can search the name of the medical device or medicinal product or scanning the barcode printed on the box to identify alternatives and prices of medicines. The application provides a set of information and data to know the details about any pharmaceutical product registered with the Authority, such as the indications for use, side effects, what should be known before use, and other details such as the trade and scientific name, pharmaceutical form, concentration, unit and registration number. The services of the “Tammini” application can be used in both Arabic and English and is available on both “IOS” and “Android”.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Exhibition 2022 will be attended by more than 112 speakers from all over the world, as it is the largest forum for healthcare professionals in the Kingdom.

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