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SFDA intensifies inspection tours of food establishments


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) intensified its field tours during the Hajj season this year 1444 AH, to inspect factories, warehouses, and food and water distribution centers in Makkah and Madinah, in order to ensure food safety and monitor any practices that may affect the safety of pilgrims. The authority also works in cooperation with the joint committees of the participating government agencies, to contribute to providing ideal conditions for the pilgrims to perform their rituals.

SFDA verifies that the catering kitchens that manufacture pre-cooked meals, and that wish to manufacture pre-cooked food, meet the requirements for the production of pre-cooked meals (frozen or refrigerated) according to the guidelines issued by the "Authority". SFDA also tracks the sources of foodstuffs that are provided to pilgrims to ensure the safety of meals at all stages of the food chain all the way to the pilgrim.

As part of its inspection tours, the Authority seeks to increase the awareness of catering kitchen workers, and to provide them with the necessary training programs in the field of food safety, personal hygiene, adherence to the rules for food preparation, preparation and serving to pilgrims, sufficient awareness of the importance of preventing food poisoning, cleanliness of kitchens, tools and equipment for food preparation, and cleanliness of touching surfaces for food as cutting boards.

Through its complementary work with government agencies in controlling food establishments during Hajj, SFDA aims to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of pilgrims towards the services provided to them, and to ensure that the approved standards are applied to ensure food safety, and that the meals are of nutritional value commensurate with the nutritional need for pilgrims.

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